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Are you currently tracking shares and stockholders in an Excel Spreadsheet or other format that is becoming very cumbersome and time-consuming? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pay a dividend/distribution, print and process checks, ACH and Direct Deposit all with a few clicks of a mouse? Whether your business is a C-Corp or an S-Corp, our software could benefit you.

The stockholder software gives users the ability to track and control shares, stockholders, book entry, and certificates, while being simple to use. Users can print and process 1099-DIV’s, 1099-B’s, 1099-MISC (Director’s fees), create reports for K-1 processing, bookkeeping, and audits, manage Dividends/Distributions, ACH files and more. Labels, letters and custom reports can be created utilizing the program’s built-in functions, or export the data from the program into an Excel spreadsheet or Word document you create. Your data can be converted from your current program eliminating hours of re-keying.

Program Highlights

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  • The system is designed to track and process 1099-DIV, 1099-B and 1099-Misc for directors fees.  Reports can be generated for year-end processing.  The program creates an electronic file for each 1099 form that can be uploaded directly to the IRS FIRE website for ease and convenience.    1099 form Copy B for the recipient can be printed from our program to be distributed to your customers for their records and year-end filing.

  • Each stockholder within the program can be setup to receive a check, ACH or direct deposit.  This is as easy as earmarking how they are to receive the dividend, filling in their account number, select checking or savings account, add the routing number, and then click save.  When the dividend / distribution is paid, an ACH NACHA format file can be generated to electronically process the ACH dividend / distribution.  Advices for both ACH and direct deposit can be processed, printed and sent to the customer.  Pre-Note ACH NACHA formatted files can also be generated as a zero dollar balance to test the ACH setup prior to processing the ACH.

  • Managing Family Groups is made easy in the program.  You can set up Family Groups ahead of time or you can create new family groups as you go along.  Reports can be generated for one family group or for all family groups showing their shares and percentage of ownership within the Family Group.  There are also options for adding family relationship descriptions to the report.  The family relationship description describes how the individual is related to the Family Group.

  • The program can be run on a desktop or central server. It works on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. There are no limitations on the number of PC’s the program runs from or the number of users that can use the program.  Multiple companies with their associated icon can be setup on the PC.

  • The Cambridge Stockholder program will easily track both certificate and book entry transactions.  It will track things such as: acquired date, number of shares, certificate number, comments for how it was acquired, cost basis, pledged status, if it is surrendered or redeemed, the date it was surrendered, comments for why it was surrendered, and surrendered selling price.  The program will also track types of stock such as Class A, Class B, common, voting, non-voting, etc. as just a few examples.  Numerous reports can be generated in various formats by shares, certificate numbers, certificate types, dates issued / surrendered within a date range, certificate statements, certificate ledger, etc.  Certificates can be printed from the program that would eliminate the need for manually typing certificates.

  • If your company processes Federal IRS and state withholding, the Stockholder program will calculate Federal IRS and up to two state withholdings for those stockholders setup to have withholdings.  When the dividends / distributions are paid, the withholdings will be withheld from the net amount to be paid to that stockholder.  Withholding for states can be withheld by a percentage, flat dollar amount, or flat dollar amount per share.  Reports can be generated to see who is set up for the various withholdings and the amounts at which they are being withheld.

  • The Cambridge Stockholder program is defaulted to track C-Corp Stockholder data.  By checking one check box on the Company Setup screen, you can go from C-Corp to S-Corp without losing any data.  When you check the S-Corp Box as Yes on the Company Setup Screen, there are other functionality pieces that you will see that you don’t see in C-Corp mode.  If you switch back to C-Corp mode you will not lose any S-Corp data, the data will just be hidden.

  • The program will calculate and process:

    • Straight cash dividends / distributions
    • Stock dividends and buy back the fractional shares
    • Stock splits / reverse splits
    • Dividend reinvestments
    • Taxable income distributions for the S-Corp companies

    Numerous reports can be created based on your needs for data.

  • Security is available in the system if you choose to use it.  It is easy to setup and maintain.  The system will allow you to create a user login and password for each user, with permissions to all or certain areas of the program for functionality. If you try to login unsuccessfully three times in a row it will lock you out as this part of the security.  You can set the time interval for how often you have to change passwords, such as 30, 60, 90 days, etc., for additional security required by some auditors. Currently there is an eight character minimum scheme for passwords.  However, additional character configurations can be added.

  • Not all companies will track or want to track Treasury Stock in the same program.  Treasury Stock can be safely tracked in the same data file as the stockholder shares, if you so choose.  When dividend / distributions are paid, it will not pay dividends / distributions for those accounts or shares marked as treasury. For those that want to track them outside of the same data file, another company can be created within the same PC to track the shares. Various reports can also be generated to produce data for the treasury shares.

  • Check templates are setup in the program for those companies that want to print checks directly from our program.  There is no need to buy special checks. If you are using an inkjet or laser jet check now, we can set up a template in our program for you to continue using your existing check stock.  Certificate, label, and letter printing is also available. 

  • If you want to view documents like affidavits, transfer on death orders, IRA documents, death certificates, etc., this is done easily within the program.  


As you will see on the main reports menu, there are numerous reports within the Cambridge Stockholder program.  Within each report there are additional options to refine it. Outside of the pre-set reports, the program has a report creator where you can create unique reports from data you choose.  All of these reports can be viewed on screen, then printed or exported into Excel, PDF or Word formats for future viewing.

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  • The Basic Listing report is just as it states, it is basic information.  There are a number of options to choose from on the setup screen, based on your needs.  This report can either be printed, created as a CSV file or exported as a PDF or Word Doc file.  Here the report is showing general customer information as well as phone, social # and total number of shares for each stockholder.  The end of the report will show the total number of stockholders as well as the total shares in the system.  The look of the report will vary based on the options that you choose.  

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The Cambridge Stockholder Software main menu is divided into sections by management area. Each section has a sub-menu which provides access to the program’s input screens for managing stockholder data, reports, and administration.mainmenumainscreen


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  • The process is pretty simple. First, set up the customers that will be receiving ACH payment from the dividends. After paying the dividend, you can process the ACH from the menu on the lower left side of the screen. You can print ACH reports, advices, or create an ACH file that can be sent to your bookkeeping or back office. The program creates the ACH file in NACHA format, ready to upload. Copies can be put on disk, shared drive, flash drive, or emailed for processing. There is no extra charge for ACH capability.

  • There are several different ways to process dividends in our system depending on your company’s needs. Most banks pay what we call straight dividends (cash dividends). The other options are there, but you do not have to use them. Paying a cash dividend is also pretty simple. You open the Dividends section of the program, enter the price per share, the date the dividend is to be paid (the date you want on the check), the record date if you use this, then click on the Pay Dividend button to process in the system. Once the dividend is paid in the system, you can print checks or process your ACH if you have any.

  • There are three different reports in the Proxy Listing Reports menu. These can be printed or exported into Excel spreadsheets and used for tallying Proxies and shares.

  • Yes, there is a report the program can generate with the check numbers on it. This can be created as a report or as a .csv file that can be exported to Excel. The program does not have a “check registry” in it, however, and does not keep track of check numbering on a running basis.

  • You can use the .csv file to re-label the voided check to the proper number in the event that a check gets jammed in the printer, lost, torn, etc. Reissuing a check is easy. You go into the Dividend menu, pull up the dividend date for the check you want to reissue, pull up the account for the customer, load the new check in the printer and click “print”.

  • The program will track all dividends paid throughout the year. After the update is installed for year end, you can process the 1099-DIV’s and any 1099-B’s that you may have. There is a menu section for 1099. The program can create a report for viewing, creating the customer copies, and create the 1099-DIV file in a format that can be uploaded to the IRS FIRE website for electronic filing.

  • The software can be run from a desktop or a server, and the database stored on the desktop or server for ease of backup. There is no extra charge for multiple users.

  • Our program can be set up with security and passwords so that only authorized users can access the data. The security administrator can also limit the data available for read, and read/write to users as needed.

  • Training is available through webinars, either in groups or individually. We also have the capability of remote access to your computer to do training with your own data. Test files can be set up on your local PC with your data for training and practice if needed.

  • Yes, we do put out a yearly update to our program with the new annual tax information and any updates to the program made throughout the year. The update is available for download from our website and also from our FTP site. Directions are sent out annually, but our customer service department can update your system if you would like.




CAMELS Consulting Group: Dedicated to Helping Banks Increase Shareholder Value

CAMELS Consulting Group (CAMELS) is dedicated to supporting the expansion of shareholder wealth, capital placement, and providing innovative solutions that increase the stock liquidity of both privately-held and publicly-traded community banks. 

The focus of CAMELS is clear: To reinvent the shareholder base of banking institutions thereby preparing them to be more effective in shareholder succession planning, future capital offerings, strengthening multiples, and driving greater organic growth.

CAMELS’ approach to increasing shareholder value is built on more than three decades of bank management experience and encompasses: a deep understanding of how to meet investor expectations through shareholder-specific product introductions; proven dividend strategies; corporate governance reviews; and the reconnection of banks to their communities.  

Utilizing Cambridge-Technologies shareholder accounting system, CAMELS recently introduced CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center, which allows bank investors to utilize their long-term retirement dollars for the purchase of long-term hold associated with privately held community bank stock. 

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  • A key component to increasing shareholder value is stock valuation, which provides bank shareholders with a current and accurate analysis of the fair market value (FMV) of their investment. As such, a cornerstone of CAMELS service offering is stock valuation, in addition to the following strategic shareholder solutions:

    – CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center

    – CAMELS Stock Navigation Program

    – Stock Valuation Reports

    – Stock Transfer Desk

    – CAMELS ShareholderLink

    – CAMELS BusinessLink

    – Financial Advisory Services

    – Corporate Governance


  • CAMELS is led by President and CEO, Edward E. Schmidt whose community bank experience spans 35 years including positions as Director, President/CEO of community banks; as Co-Director of a legal firm; and as Executive Vice President of a broker-dealer exclusively serving the community banking sector.

    Edward has opened more than 14 de novo banks, completed $1.8 B in M&A transactions, and provides stock valuation services to privately-held and publicly-traded community banks. He has also managed bank turnarounds and transacted over $1.8 billion in community bank merger and acquisition transactions.

    Recognized as an expert financial witness and a provider of bank valuation and fairness opinions, Edward also has significant experience directing capital campaigns for community bank clients. Over the course of his career, Edward has helped his clients raise more than $250 million in capital through private/public offerings and debt instruments. Schmidt has sat on several boards and has had facilitation engagements at director retreats, annual shareholder meetings, and industry and association conferences.

    CAMELS Consulting Group works with both privately held and publicly traded community banks. More information can be found on their website: www.camelsgroup.com.


Our annual update for 2019 tax year for current customers is ready! Download the file and unzip the folder.

Instructions are in the folder, but if you need help please contact us at 618-594-3274. 

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  • “The Fisher National Bank has been a customer with Cambridge Technologies since 2007.  Cambridge shareholder software is easy to navigate through.  More importantly, Cambridge customer service is exceptional.  I work closely with Mike Luebbers.  He is always quick to help me with any questions.”
    -Julie W.
    Fisher National Bank
  • “We have worked with Cambridge Technologies for several years and have found the program to be very helpful. Not only do we find the system to work well for our needs, but also we are pleased with the exceptional customer service that Mike Luebbers has provided for us. Whether we are paying dividends, adding new stockholders, or processing 1099s, he is always ready to answer questions or give help.”
    -Sue S.
    First Trust Financial Corp.
  • “I recently assumed the responsibility of managing our Shareholder records.  Having no experience with shareholder software I was a little nervous at first.
    I am pleased to say the shareholder program is very user friendly, and the support I receive from Mike Luebbers and his staff is fantastic.  I would give them an A+ rating.  It is reassuring to know they are a phone call away and can solve any issue I may have within minutes.”
    -Nanette S.
    First Southern Bank
  • “In 2004 I assumed the role as Secretary of Cherry Bancorporation and manually converted our stockholder accounting to a DOS Shareholder program from Nortridge.  In 2007 Nortridge notified us that they were discontinuing the stockholder program and at that time we purchased software from Cambridge Technologies. From the beginning the folks at Cambridge have far exceed our expectations.  They converted the old DOS program to their Windows based program with all of our history into their program, and since that time have provided us a solution to all aspects to the stockholder process.  We could not be more pleased with the service they have provided over the years and strongly recommend them as a software provider.”
    -Judie H.
    State Bank of Cherry
  • “Cambridge Technologies has a great product and superior service! Any questions that I have had were answered immediately and thoroughly. It is a top notch product and service is second to none! Exactly what I had been looking for!”
    -Marilyn B.
    Ipava State Bank 
  • “We purchased the Cambridge Technologies shareholder software in 2013 and it has proven to be money well spent.  We are a manufacturing company and needed a more efficient method of handling shareholder and dividend activity and we found it with this software package.  We had a quarterly process that took roughly 10-12 man hours and it now takes less than an hour and the risk of potential error is minimal.  The year-end 1099 filing is basically a “push-button” process.  The customer service has been nothing short of outstanding as any questions that we had were addressed in short order.  We are very pleased with the capabilities of the software and would recommend this shareholder software package to any company in the marketplace. “

    -Ken B.

    Polymer Enterprises, Inc.

Free Demo

We offer a free 45 day demo of the Stockholder Software, available upon request. Contact us at 618-594-3274 to speak to a representative or email info@cambridge-tech.com for more information. 

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