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Let our software do the work for you.

Stockholder Software

The stockholder software program is an easy yet powerful Stockholder management tool for S-Corp and C-Corp businesses. The user friendly format allows the user to process dividends by check and ACH, issue / redeem certificates and update stockholder data with a few clicks of the mouse.  Numerous reports can be created and printed or they can be exported to PDF, Excel or Word formats.  1099-DIV’s, B’s and Misc files for Directors Fees are easily processed, and e-file through the IRS Fire website. For S-Corp companies, year-end reports are created for K1 processing by your accountant or CPA Firm.

Utility Billing Software

Our utility management software assists municipalities and private water districts with reliable and efficient utility billing and data processing. Our applications provide automated billing for multiple metered and non-metered accounts including water, sewer, gas, trash, and electricity. The program supports meters that are read manually, by touch-pad, radio, and hand-held devices. It can print out bills (bill card or full page letter- your choice), disconnect notices, and numerous reports. You can even email bills, boil orders, etc., right from the program, saving you time and money! 

Cemetery Records

Replace manual cemetery record keeping with our cemetery management program. Features include unlimited lots and graves, invoicing for funeral homes and individuals, versatile reporting options, etc. You can manage multiple cemeteries in one program, easily find available lots for sale, and add new cemetery sections. There are custom layouts for each cemetery which aids in easy burial tracking and administration. With new regulations being set for each state on cemetery reporting, there has never been a better time to invest in easy-to-use software to make the job easier.

Municipal Accounting

The municipal fund program provides accounts payable, receivable, general ledger all in one system. This program is used by private water districts, municipalities, small businesses, and non-profits to keep separate accounting for an unlimited number of funds while functioning as a single entity. Multiple funds can be serviced by a single checking account, with separate expenditure totals and account balances for each fund. Separate charts of accounts, balance sheets, and revenue reports are also maintained in the program

Municipal Checkbook

As a lighter-weight alternative to an extensive accounting package, our municipal checkbook program provides the ability to manage multiple funds and checkbooks in one program.  It gives you all the perks of a powerful accounting program without the features you don’t need.  Print checks and pull reports for each fund, while maintaining a chart of accounts and separate reports.  Ideal for the smaller entity that needs to track revenue and expenses utilizing a more straightforward platform.

Property Management

Need to modernize a growing property management business? Our property management software can speed all aspects of managing properties for multiple owners, while keeping track of taxes, insurance, rents, management fees, etc. Manage unlimited projects, run reports for tenants, owners, rent, lease renewals, vacancies, etc. all from our program. Custom reports can be created as needed to help maintain records for audits and administration needs.