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The Cambridge Stockholder Software gives users the ability to track and manage stockholders, shares, book entry, and certificates. Manage and pay Dividends/Distributions via ACH and direct deposit. Users can print and process 1099-DIV’s, 1099-B’s, 1099-MISC (Director’s fees), create reports for K-1 processing, bookkeeping, and audits. Labels and letters can be printed at any time, or even create your own custom report with your own chosen fields. Your data can be converted from your current program eliminating hours of re-keying. Easy navigation and intuitive views streamline the stockholder process while handling all precise calculations for you.

Program Highlights

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As you will see on the main reports menu, there are numerous reports within the Cambridge Stockholder program.  Within each report there are additional options to refine it. Outside of the pre-set reports, the program has a report creator where you can create unique reports from data you choose.  All of these reports can be viewed on screen, then printed or exported into Excel, PDF or Word formats for future viewing.

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Main Menu

The Cambridge Stockholder Software main menu is divided into sections by management area. Each section has a sub-menu which provides access to the program’s input screens for managing stockholder data, reports, and administration.mainmenumainscreen


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CAMELS Consulting Group: Dedicated to Helping Banks Increase Shareholder Value

CAMELS Consulting Group (CAMELS) is dedicated to supporting the expansion of shareholder wealth, capital placement, and providing innovative solutions that increase the stock liquidity of both privately-held and publicly-traded community banks. 

The focus of CAMELS is clear: To reinvent the shareholder base of banking institutions thereby preparing them to be more effective in shareholder succession planning, future capital offerings, strengthening multiples, and driving greater organic growth.

CAMELS’ approach to increasing shareholder value is built on more than three decades of bank management experience and encompasses: a deep understanding of how to meet investor expectations through shareholder-specific product introductions; proven dividend strategies; corporate governance reviews; and the reconnection of banks to their communities.  

Utilizing Cambridge-Technologies shareholder accounting system, CAMELS recently introduced CAMELS Self-Directed IRA Resource Center, which allows bank investors to utilize their long-term retirement dollars for the purchase of long-term hold associated with privately held community bank stock. 

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Our annual update for the 2021 tax year for current customers is ready! 


  • “The Fisher National Bank has been a customer with Cambridge Technologies since 2007.  Cambridge shareholder software is easy to navigate through.  More importantly, Cambridge customer service is exceptional.  I work closely with Mike Luebbers.  He is always quick to help me with any questions.”
    -Julie W.
    Fisher National Bank
  • “We have worked with Cambridge Technologies for several years and have found the program to be very helpful. Not only do we find the system to work well for our needs, but also we are pleased with the exceptional customer service that Mike Luebbers has provided for us. Whether we are paying dividends, adding new stockholders, or processing 1099s, he is always ready to answer questions or give help.”
    -Sue S.
    First Trust Financial Corp.
  • “I recently assumed the responsibility of managing our Shareholder records.  Having no experience with shareholder software I was a little nervous at first.
    I am pleased to say the shareholder program is very user friendly, and the support I receive from Mike Luebbers and his staff is fantastic.  I would give them an A+ rating.  It is reassuring to know they are a phone call away and can solve any issue I may have within minutes.”
    -Nanette S.
    First Southern Bank
  • “In 2004 I assumed the role as Secretary of Cherry Bancorporation and manually converted our stockholder accounting to a DOS Shareholder program from Nortridge.  In 2007 Nortridge notified us that they were discontinuing the stockholder program and at that time we purchased software from Cambridge Technologies. From the beginning the folks at Cambridge have far exceed our expectations.  They converted the old DOS program to their Windows based program with all of our history into their program, and since that time have provided us a solution to all aspects to the stockholder process.  We could not be more pleased with the service they have provided over the years and strongly recommend them as a software provider.”
    -Judie H.
    State Bank of Cherry
  • “Cambridge Technologies has a great product and superior service! Any questions that I have had were answered immediately and thoroughly. It is a top notch product and service is second to none! Exactly what I had been looking for!”
    -Marilyn B.
    Ipava State Bank 
  • “We purchased the Cambridge Technologies shareholder software in 2013 and it has proven to be money well spent.  We are a manufacturing company and needed a more efficient method of handling shareholder and dividend activity and we found it with this software package.  We had a quarterly process that took roughly 10-12 man hours and it now takes less than an hour and the risk of potential error is minimal.  The year-end 1099 filing is basically a “push-button” process.  The customer service has been nothing short of outstanding as any questions that we had were addressed in short order.  We are very pleased with the capabilities of the software and would recommend this shareholder software package to any company in the marketplace. “

    -Ken B.

    Polymer Enterprises, Inc.

Free Demo

We offer a free 45 day demo of the Stockholder Software, available upon request. Contact us at 618-594-3274 to speak to a representative and get the password to download below or email for more information. 

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