Cambridge Technologies offers software designed to assist municipalities with reliable and efficient utility billing and data processing. Our applications provide automated billing for multiple metered and non-metered accounts including water, sewer, gas, trash, and electricity.

Our software is designed specifically for the small to medium-sized entity. The program is easy to use and provides all the features desired by our customers including radio meter capability. Automatic updates contain new features as they become available.

Undoubtedly the most important feature of our software is the personal attention and support we provide. We offer on-site, telephone, and internet support to ensure a successful installation and ongoing training. It is our goal to ensure that each municipality has the needed tools to efficiently and reliably print utility bills and maintain the necessary records.

Program Hightlights

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There are numerous reports that can be printed out of the Utility Billing program. Within each report there are additional options to refine each report.  Outside of the pre-set reports, the program has a query tool that can be used to create customized or unique reports from data within the program. All of these reports can be viewed on screen and then printed. Can also be exported into Excel, PDF or Word formats for future viewing.

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Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Utility Billing Program


    • Does it meet our needs? All utility billing programs should be able to import readings, calculate and print bills, print reports, record payments, deposits etc.  Can additional functionality be added?  What about custom requests?
    • Is it flexible? The program needs to have the flexibility to create bills outside of your normal billing period for miscellaneous charges, closing bills, late charges on the day YOU choose, and create custom reports.
    • Is it easy to use? How many steps does it take to print a bill?  To import readings?  Can someone without much computer experience operate it?

    • Can the program interface with other programs easily? It should be a seamless process with very few steps for the user.  Because we do our own programming in-house, we can provide custom interfaces to make getting data from one place to another an easy process.      
    • What if we change meter systems? No matter what metering system you have, the program should be able to manage the additional interface.           

    • Do you want to get support locally? Can you get assistance when you need it or do you have to wait for a representative from across the country to respond to an email?  If you aren’t able to get assistance with any questions or issues that come up, you can’t do your job properly.  Training should be an on-going process with assistance in-person, by phone, or remote connection 24/7.


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  • “The Village of Pittsburg is very pleased with the programs and software support provided by Cambridge Technology.  I highly recommend them as Christine is able to make any of the  programs fit the needs of your business.  The programs are easy to learn and use making your every day job that much easier.  If you want the best….go with Cambridge Technology. “
    -Kyle V.
    Village Clerk for Pittsburg
  • “The Village of Baldwin is highly pleased with the program. Christine and Steve have helped me to get the program started and running properly. I can call Christine when I have question and she will help me by getting on-line and going thru the proper steps to get the information I need. She has revised reports to fit our want and needs. I would highly recommend their program to anyone.”
    -Wesley S.
    Village of Baldwin
  • “I am highly pleased with our program and the level of professionalism that I have witnessed from both Christine and Steve. I highly recommend them as they are able to conform to any budget and any size municipality. They have numerous programs that make day to day record keeping easy and affordable.”
    -Bethany W.
    Village of Evansville
  • “You are always there to lend me a helping hand when I need it, and on the weekends to boot!!! What used to take me 6 to 8 hours to do by hand, now takes me approximately an hour and a half. And that’s with interruptions…. The reports are all finished and are in the auditor’s hands as we speak!!!  I had everything ready ahead of time and only had to wait on the May bank statements.  As soon as I received them, I was ready to roll!!!”
    -Carol S.
    Village of Gorham
  • “Christine Price is wonderful. I highly recommend Cambridge Technologies. Their software and support is outstanding!”
    -Patricia S.
    Village of Vergennes

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